Traveling in The Age of The Internet

Planning a vacation requires time, patience, and determination. Traveling to a new city can be overwhelming and creates a slew of questions and concerns. Luckily, we live in a world of quick Google searches and instant information. When in doubt, we search for articles on the best restaurants, cheapest flights, and coolest tours. There are websites that can compare prices of hotels, find the most beautiful hot springs, and create the directions needed to get to Magic Kingdom. A trip to the grocery store can be a hassle, let alone a trip with kids, a spouse, extended family, or maybe even a pet. Trying to fit in the research and reading required for an amazing trip can not only be daunting, but also impossible. Most travelers work full time jobs, with other responsibilities such as kids, hobbies, educational work, and side jobs. Sometimes it seems impossible to squeeze in the hours needed to scan through articles and blogs written by trendy internet influencers. Surviving, yes surviving, the planning process of a vacation is a feat of its own.

But unfortunately, the internet can only facilitate your planning to a degree. What happens when you need an answer to a specific question? When you get lost in the rabbit holes of the internet and cannot tell if your hotel is in the safe part of town? When you book your trip for the dreadfully busy spring break week and need advice on navigating a park? Should you be using Uber or Lyft? Or taxis? What about the public transportation system? And which country in Epcot has the best food? In situations like these, you need to talk to a person, a human who can articulate their experiences and expertise. We think of travel agents as a career of the past, yet they still are available for assistance. Years ago, individuals who loved travel and thrill would pursue a career where they became specialists on airports, countries, destinations, hotels, cuisine, events, casinos, taxi services, and many other relevant topics. Not only was it their job, it was also their passion. Many of these folks knew it was their destined career path from a young age. These adolescents dreamt of living a life full of adventure and helping others find their own. Many agents even specify in a particular area of our globe. If you plan a trip to Yosemite, there are agents who love hiking, the natural world, and history. If you plan a trip to Disney World, you can ask an agent who loves roller coasters, fireworks, and Florida’s environment.

Whether you seek help planning your adventures by disney travel agent or agents, or travel agents in general, you are supporting a business that has almost been forgotten. In a hustling and bustling world, it is refreshing to slow down and support our local, sometimes small-town, businesses. If we don’t, we might lose the human to human contact that has been slipping through our society’s cracks